Company Profile

EXOsports was founded in 2005 as Ski and Mountain School based in Thessaloniki.

2007 Michael Widmer took over the company and makes EXOsports one of the leading Snow Sports Schools in Thessaloniki with Swiss quality standards and teaching methods.
During summer EXOsports was organizing and operating international summer camps for children from 8-16 years old as well as regular family excursions (horse riding, hiking, rafting).

2011 EXOsports (Michael Widmer) took over the management of Navarino Outdoors in Costa Navarino as Head of Navarino Outdoors

2013 sold the EXOsports Snow Sport School

2015 EXOsports became the exclusive operator of Navarino Outdoors as Third Party Operator and offers cycling, hiking and climbing holidays in all over Greece.

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