Road Cycling routes

Southern Peloponnese

Rolling Stones Küstentour 53km – Aufstieg 540m

Panorama Tour 64km – Aufstieg 880m

Weinstrasse 76km – Aufstieg 1140m

Rustic Tour 87km – Aufstieg 1110m

Hügelland Messinia 92km – Aufstieg 1580m

Von Küste zu Küste 94km – Aufstieg 1200m

Sunrise Tour 112km – Aufstieg 1560m

Antikes Messinien 112km – Aufstieg 1740m

Kastell-Tour 117km – Aufstieg 1690m

Methoni 96km – Aufstieg 1090m

Uploading the above GPX files to your Garmin device is very simple and a great way to follow our suggested Huerzeler routes in Southern Peloponnese. Once you’ve uploaded your course, you’ll be able to follow it in the navigation menu.

What is GPX?

GPX files are essentially files that give your bike computer the GPS coordinates of your course. In themselves, they aren’t very useful – they are only a GPS map of your route. But when you upload them to a Garmin bike computer, you can then follow the course, and your device will show you which way to go.

Even if you get lost, the device will try to get you back on your course – or at least point you in the right direction.

You Need:

For uploading GPX files to Garmin bike computer, you will need

  • a GPS-enabled Garmin device
  • the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone
  • the GPX file which you can download from the above links

Downloading the GPX file

1. Choose the route you prefer to follow

2. Download the GPX file by pressing the link.

3. Save it on your smartphone or computer.


1. Once you have your file saved, go to and log in using your email and password, or if you have not an account yet, click on “Create one”.

2. Open the Training menu on the left-hand side of the page.

3. Within the training menu, navigate to the Courses option. This will open the courses window.

HUE 01

4. Click on Import in the bottom right corner of the courses window

HUE 02

5. Select the file GPX file from your computer, and click Get Started

HUE 03

6. Connect will now prompt you through upload. Select the course type, in our case “Road Cycling”

HUE 05

7. Give the course a name by clicking the pencil icon and set any settings you want to change, then click Save

HUE 07

Click ‘Save New Course’ once done.

Your course has been created and it will display.

Sending to Device

You now need to get the course onto your device. To do this:

  1. Open up the Garmin Connect app on your phone, and press the sync button (blue circular arrow, top right).
  2. At the bottom of your screen, press More
  3. Again, go to Training>Courses

    HUE 09 e1647586799772

  4. Find your course in the menu and tap on it then press the menu (three squares) in the top right of the screen, and choose ‘Send to Device.’

    HUE 11 e1647587078899

  5. Once you sync the device, it will appear and can be followed by selecting Courses>Do Course when starting an activity.

That’s it! Now you are ready to follow our suggested routes.