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The gravel experience

Enchanted waterfalls, breathtaking lagoons, ancient palaces and medieval fortresses. Explore the rustic coastal hinterland with us and experience Greek hospitality in the village tavernas and beach bars on the Ionian coast.

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Messinia – the Gravel spot

A hilly, unspoilt coastal landscape with lonely country roads, quaint mountain villages, rich in natural treasures and historical sights – that is Messenia in the southwest of the Peloponnese peninsula – our gravel terrain promises pure adventure.

Everybody is welcome

Our tours are suitable for all skill levels – from experienced gravelers to newcomers who want to try something new.

Gravel Tours

The plateau of Mali – 77 km, 1800 m

High up, through forests, past flocks of sheep, abandoned settlements and gorgeous views of the Ionian Sea.

Kalamari Waterfall & Gialova Lagoon – 57 km, 950 m

To the waterfall of Kalamari, the 4500 year old ruins of the Nestor Palace and the breathtakingly beautiful bay of Voidokilia.

The Caves of Saint Anargyri – 75 km, 1700 m

Picture-book gravel tour, over gravel and dirt roads past olive presses and farming villages to the Caves of Saint Anargyris.

Pirates and Crusaders – 65 km, 1100 m

Via the harbour town of Pylos, through the rural landscape with a fantastic downhill to Finikunta and along the coast to the fortress of Methoni.

The waterfalls of Polylimnio – 60 km, 1200 m

Through the rural area to the largest waterfall in the region with natural swimming pool.

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Further Information

Starting point tours
The gravel tours start at our station in Costa Navarino or in Gialova at the Hotel Zoe Seaside Resort.

Rest days
Fridays and Sundays are rest days. There are no tours.

Bike Rental Gravel (160 €)
– Tours (30 € / day)


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with your booking. Please contact us.

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